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"More fetching than a girl with a dragon tattoo has always been a girl with a Penguin Classic. With e-books, you have no idea what anyone is reading. This is an incalculable loss, not just to fleeting crushes but to civilization."

Dwight Garner, our new crush, in his Sunday piece, “The Way We Read Now.” (via classicpenguin)

(via mcnallyjackson)

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    I’ve heard good arguments against e-readers before. I’ve heard overly-sentimental ones that touched my heart! But that...
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    Oh, what is this “judge a book by its cover” fuckery? There are completely valid reasons why someone would NOT want a...
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    God, seriously. I have a kobo that I got for my birthday, but I have far more physical books. I read BOTH. There’s room...
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    I lol @ people who see technological progress as inherently negative. I’m sure these people also refuse to own mp3...
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    There’s plenty to be said about electronic copies vs hard copies in terms of social class and economics, but that...
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    Not mentioned is that most of my generation grew up looking at a computer screen. It’s not like they’ve never read...
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    “Very insightful commentary, and I would like to add something equally insightful, but unfortunately I can’t get over...
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    Very insightful commentary, and I would like to add something equally insightful, but unfortunately I can’t get over the...
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