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How to Speak Whale - Amanda Petrusisch, NYTimes.com

The “Moby-Dick” marathon organizers assembled a list of “practice words” for readers to mull in advance of the marathon. Stretch your tongue muscles and dust off your dictionaries, Melville fans.

  • ambergris
  • bilge
  • belike
  • bespeak
  • bestir
  • bethink
  • betoken
  • brevet
  • calomel
  • catarrh
  • cetology
  • concupiscent
  • Daggoo
  • gamboge ghost
  • grampus
  • grapnel
  • harpooneer
  • hawser
  • kannakin
  • isinglass
  • jalap
  • luff
  • orison
  • orotund
  • parang
  • Queequeg
  • quirt
  • scimitar
  • skrimshander
  • yaw

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