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Books Matter: What to Do on Black Friday


Go to a public library before it gets shut down.

Go to a university library and have sex in the back stacks, then spend the rest of the night with your lover discovering and reading books.

Go to your local independent bookstore and ask them which books they’d like to most hand sell – which books make you feel alive again.

Buy books rather than boots. Beer. An iPad.

People keep telling me that books are in danger of disappearing. E-books, Kindles, iPads will replace the object of the book as we know it. I’m not worried.

The new technologies are pretty cool, to be honest. Very snappy. But until the day when we are cyborg-fitted with our art and literature, I already know why we’ll keep picking up books and putting them in our hands, turning the pages.

In times of crisis, we can still remember them burning.

—Lidia Yuknavitch, “The Urgent Matter of Books”

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    Borrow books and buy weed
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    As a future librarian, I ask that you please do not have sex in your library. No, I demand it. This isn’tParty Girl....
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    I tried to buy books today. I really, really did. My friend James and I decided today would be “Thriftsgiving” and we’d...
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    Duly noted! (also i only did one of those things, unfortunately)

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