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HWBC Weekly Round-UpMy second weekly roundup with HW so hope you guys like the things I like! -Jenny
To Read:
Necessary items in case of ‘Snowmageddon’.   A “highly partisan and impressionistic” list of English literature’s 50 key moments.Everyone knows the best way to teach kids lessons is to terrify them.(Just In time for Valentine’s Day): Why do we need breakup music?Song titles for any lover of parentheticals.
To Look At:
This incredibly comforting Tumblr.Somebody returned a Washington Heights library book 55 years late.What if Vince Vaughn was in Silver Linings Playbook?   Catching Fire spoilers via Google Maps.
To Listen To:
Ask Roulette in conversation with AJ Jacobs at HWBC last month! Gillian Jacobs + Paul F. Tompkins’ Garry Marshall return to Comedy Bang Bang to weave the complicated fiction of their romance.
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