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Monday at Housing Works Bookstore: Kishi Bashi and Brian Omni Dillon

In a very special evening at Housing Works, Kishi Bashi joined unlikely forces with slam poet Brian Omni Dillon for a collaborative performance. With a booming and captivating voice that refused the microphone, Omni Dillon opened with three poems before bringing Kishi on stage. With the backing of Kishi’s ominous, hair-raising sounds, Omni Dillon’s voice became subdued, melting symbiotically into the music for a powerful effect.

To much applause, Omni Dillon stepped down and Kishi took the stage alone. Equipped with only a violin and effects pedals, Kishi had the audience spellbound with ornate and richly layered rhythms over which his voice floated its pained and hypnotic melodies. The energy kicked up when Kishi introduced his new touring band members on percussion, banjo, and backing vocals. The set reached a crescendo with the aptly named “It All Began with a Burst”, which had the audience clapping in rapid fire. Kishi brought the evening to a close with a transfixing solo rendition of “I am the Antichrist to You.”

Although his show this Friday at Bowery Ballroom is sold out, be sure to catch him next time he is in town!

Some absolutely stunning images from the Kishi Bashi + Brian Omni Dillon event on Monday!

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    I will never forgive myself for missing this.
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    Eeep! Missed Monday’s event but can’t wait to see Kishi Bashi tonight at Bowery Ballroom. Take that, storm!
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    Some absolutely stunning images from the Kishi Bashi + Brian Omni Dillon event on Monday!
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