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HWBC Weekly RoundupThis week is a lot of love-y links so we evened it out with death and despair (see also: above image of Scott & Zelda) to help you bridge the gap between Valentine’s and Presidents’ Day!

To Read:

Finding Joy in Sylvia Plath’s “Ariel”. Is Taylor Swift A Feminist? a poem in links. TV’s first couple Megan Mullaly & Nick Offerman answer questions about love.

To Look At:

Portraits of all of Westminster’s Best of Breed, or very regal dogs with goofy names.Amidst an abundance of pop-culture Valentines, Jen Lewis’s were some of the best: Here & here.Pictures from Edgar Allan Poe: the 8-bit game. Here’s the death part— Tarantino characters’ deaths: the infographic.

To Watch:

Animated St. Vincent plays a song with/about Tina from Bob’s Burgers.Bachelorette parody web series Burning Love starts its second season with 2 new episodes. Mostly just faces & shadows in the new Game of Thrones trailer.
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