We are a nonprofit bookstore, cafe, and event space in downtown NYC. All proceeds from every show you attend and everything you buy, down to a record and a PBR, go directly to our mission of fighting AIDS and homelessness. 126 Crosby Street, NYC

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This Week at HWBC
Wednesday stop by as Spring St. Social Society presents Camp Cabaret, a night of stories, music, vaudeville, and comédie acrobatique. The event is curated by Patrick Janelle and our lovely cafe manager Amy Virginia Buchanan. Jo Firestone is hosting.

Then on Thursday night The Moth returns for the second week in a row, this time for stories on the subject of Patterns.

Friday is our weekly Slush Pile happy hour which is as always the best time to drink and eat sandwiches while catching up on your Friday Reads.

Finally, Saturday morning join the  International Crime Book Group as it returns to discus Cara Black’s Parisian mystery Murder in the Marais. Last time the snow storm cut down on attendance so be sure to visit this time if you missed it or come again to continue the discussion.

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