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Funny Books That Are Funny

Hey! Jenny here. So I mentioned this before but in addition to being events intern here at the bookstore I also intern at the comedy blog Splitsider, which is only sometimes related to books but this week I wrote a list of 57 Books For The Ultimate Comedy Library that is worth checking out if you wanna read books about comedians, by comedians, or in some cases both, because the list has a lot of memoirs on it.


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    Because the world needs more laughter.
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    Oh wow, I’ve read at least 20 of these.
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    Only because you basically asked us to, Bryan! This is a really great list.
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  12. gifthorsedentistry said: Good list! Who do I talk to in order to write things for Splitsider?
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    Important books, although I’m sad to see Veronica Geng’s “Love Trouble” isn’t on the list. CNU will probably be...

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