We are a nonprofit bookstore, cafe, and event space in downtown NYC. All proceeds from every show you attend and everything you buy, down to a record and a PBR, go directly to our mission of fighting AIDS and homelessness. 126 Crosby Street, NYC

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This week at HWBC:
(Exciting lineup is ~NOT~ an April Fools joke)

TONIGHT we are proud to present kickass lady Kelly Oxford in conversation with fellow kickass lady Olivia Wilde about Oxford’s new book Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar.

Tomorrow reunited 90s darlings Spacehog perform Live From Home at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe! Tickets are still available — buy them for $15 here or enter to win a pair via Flavorpill!

Wednesday, Tumblr and Forced Meme team up for a STFU Parents books shower! Enjoy beermosas and games with proud parents Blair Koenig and Perigee Books as well as special guests Eliot Glazer, Judy McGuire, Chris Mohney, and Julieanne Smolinski.

Friday our regular happy hour gets a kick of bluegrass and pizza with Two Boots Presents Americana Jamboree, featuring music from Odetta Hartman, Cricket Tell the Weather, and Toot Sweet.

Finally Saturday and Sunday is the first weekend in April (WHAT) so come on in for our monthly sale 30% off everything!

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