We are a nonprofit bookstore, cafe, and event space in downtown NYC. All proceeds from every show you attend and everything you buy, down to a record and a PBR, go directly to our mission of fighting AIDS and homelessness. 126 Crosby Street, NYC

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This week at HWBC:

Wednesday we’re excited to present SHARP: A Discussion of Women & Criticism, featuring a stellar lineup of female critics including Kate Bolick (The Atlantic), Ruth Franklin (The New Republic), Laura Miller (Salon), Miriam Markowitz (The Nation), Michelle Orange (The Rumpus), Parul Sehgal (New York Times Book Review) and moderator Michelle Dean (The Awl).

Thursday night, Tumblr presents a book launch for Adulting, Kelly Williams Brown’s guide to becoming a grown-up, with readings from the author and some more of the Internet’s funniest writers.

Friday, stop by for the Slush Pile, our weekly happy hour featuring specials on beer, wine, and grilled cheese!

This Friday through next Friday (May 17th), enjoy 30% off all art and design books! Spread the word.

Join the International Crime Book Group Saturday morning for discussion of Peter Lovesey’s The Last Detective.

Sunday morning Gotham Writers Workshop presents a free memoir writing class taught by Melissa Petro.

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