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Check out Episode 9 of our podcast, which we’ve joyously entitled “Sex, Rap, and Basketball.”

This latest show contains five gems from June, which are:

  • Jeff Weiss reading an excerpt on 2Pac’s fashion aesthetics from his book with Evan McGarvey 2Pac vs. Biggie: An Illustrated History of Rap’s Greatest Battle.
  • Steph Opitz's recitation of a birds and the bees-themed Pitch Perfect medley from last month’s Recital.
  • Jennifer Baumgardner on shame, pride, and the bisexuals that walk among us, from Shameless: Queer Ladies Pride Reading.
  • An open letter from NY Times contributor/Knicks superfan Robert Silverman asking if he can coach the team, read from nonfiction compilation We’ll Always Have Linsanity: Strange Takes on the Strangest Season in Knicks History.
  • Excerpts from The Audacious Debut, a conversation between authors Bill Cheng (Southern Cross the Dog) and Derek Palacio (How to Shake the Other Man) on the subject of beginnings, audacity, and more.

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