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In need of a Monday pick-me-up? Take 10 minutes and watch Rachel Fershleiser’s TEDx talk, “Why I heart the Bookternet" and I guarantee you’ll be full of optimism and sunshine. 

1. That dress, those tights.

2. How can I achieve this level of public speaking excellence? 


Aw thanks! Please, Pollyanna out with me on the great stuff authors, bookstores, and publishers are doing to embrace internet communities.

Excellent talk by excellent person rachelfershleiser, who created this Tumblr (and talks about it in the above video)!

This Week at HWBC:

Tonight we’re hosting The Morning News and this year’s Tournament of Books! Elif Batuman, Choire Sicha, Elliott Holt, Roger Hodge, and John McElwee will be joining the co-founders of The Morning News, Andrew Womack and Rosecrans Baldwin to read and discuss this year’s tournament.

Should You Write a Script or a Novel? Find out tomorrow with Priyanka Kumar, Rashaad Ernesto Green, James Ragan, and Peter Rainer, who will be chatting about which art form is best for certain types of stories.

NYC’s Ultimate Pun Competition is back at Housing Works on Wednesday: PUNDERDOME 3000! The New Yorker said, “(PUNDERDOME 3000) is concentrated, unabashed silliness that I longed to bottle and smuggle out in my purse.” Does that not sound amazing? Tickets are $10 at the door. Get here early to make sure you get a seat.

OnThursday night, Bibliocrunch is bringing Miral Sattar, Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian, Andrea Phillips, and Stephanie Golden to talk about Taking Control of Your Book’s Success: A Self Publishing Primer.

And on Friday night, Wesley Stace, Walter Martin, and Sam Lipsyte will be at Rock and Roll: An Infantile Business. There’ll be music! There’ll be readings! There’ll be talkings! It’s gonna be great.

Here’s a great photo of authors James L. Cambias, David Edison, Brian Staveley, and Ramona Wheeler from Monday night’s SF/F Extravaganza!
[Image via Shelf Awareness]

Here’s a great photo of authors James L. Cambias, David Edison, Brian Staveley, and Ramona Wheeler from Monday night’s SF/F Extravaganza!

[Image via Shelf Awareness]

Hello, hello from Housing Works. As the leaves continue to fall and the days continue to dim, this is what we’ve been reading this week… 
Pick a cloud, commence staring and let your mind wander. Here’s why daydreaming is good for creativity.
Literature and chart music aren’t as good pals as they once were, it seems. 
The 50 Scariest Books of all time. Tis the season, after all.
Privacy is a luxury the dead can’t afford. And in this case that may be no bad thing: take a gander at F. Scott Fitzgerald’s teenage diary.

And this is what we’ve been listening to…
The charmingly shambolic power-pop of The #1s.

Aaaand, since Halloween is steadily approaching, we’ve been raising the hairs on our respective necks…
By listening to this eerie old-time radio play, starring the commanding tones of Orson Welles.

Greetings and felicitations from all at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe! Here’s all you need to know about goings-on here over the next week.

On Monday, we will be hosting ’Writing the Family’, a fascinating panel discussion on the complexities of shedding light on those nearest and dearest to us. Moderator Julie Klam will be in conversation with some terrific memoirists, including Victoria Loustalot and Alysia Abbott.

Saturday see’s a heady combination of the exotic and the gruesome; it’s The International Crime Book Groupa delight for all those with an interest in travel and crime writing. This week we’ll be travelling to Rome, the eternal city, with Donato Carissi’s The Whisperer.

And looking ahead to the not so distant future, on Wednesday Oct 16th best-selling author Helen Fielding will be in the store to discuss Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy with Vogue editor Valerie Steiker. Grab some specially discounted tickets before they sell out!

Looking further afield, we’re all very much looking forward to 'I Like Your Glasses: Literary Speed Dating' on Wednesday Oct 23rd. Women’s tickets are sold out, but fellas, you’re still in with a chance to find that special someone who understands your pain when your favorite character dies. Use the code ‘Gatsby’ to get yourself a discount before tickets sell out.

Hello there, one and all! This week in the mystical realm of the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, we’ve been reading…
About what David Bowie has been reading. A new exhibition reveals the 100 ‘must-read’ books of the the artist formally known as Ziggy Stardust/Halloween Jack/The Thin White Duke.
With Halloween on the horizon, we’ve been looking over this handy list of some suitably spooky tomes to lose sleep to in the spirit of the great All Hallow’s Read.
How we’ve got a lot less to worry about than we thought when we put pen to paper or finger to keyboard: 10 Grammar ‘Rules’ we’ve been needlessly stressing over for years.
How the desire for a ‘sarcasm font’ didn’t just begin in the Facebook era.The crusade for easily understood irony goes way back.
We’ve been watching…
Guillermo Del Toro's excellent opening sequence for The Simpsons' latest Halloween special. A shiny new donkey to whoever can spot all of the many, many film references on first viewing.
And been spending far too much time gawking at…
These bizarre drawings; the surprisingly fertile collaboration between an artist and her 4 year old daughter. They’re somewhere between eerie and adorable.

Check out Episode 9 of our podcast, which we’ve joyously entitled “Sex, Rap, and Basketball.”

This latest show contains five gems from June, which are:

  • Jeff Weiss reading an excerpt on 2Pac’s fashion aesthetics from his book with Evan McGarvey 2Pac vs. Biggie: An Illustrated History of Rap’s Greatest Battle.
  • Steph Opitz's recitation of a birds and the bees-themed Pitch Perfect medley from last month’s Recital.
  • Jennifer Baumgardner on shame, pride, and the bisexuals that walk among us, from Shameless: Queer Ladies Pride Reading.
  • An open letter from NY Times contributor/Knicks superfan Robert Silverman asking if he can coach the team, read from nonfiction compilation We’ll Always Have Linsanity: Strange Takes on the Strangest Season in Knicks History.
  • Excerpts from The Audacious Debut, a conversation between authors Bill Cheng (Southern Cross the Dog) and Derek Palacio (How to Shake the Other Man) on the subject of beginnings, audacity, and more.

As always, thank you for listening, and please subscribe via Soundcloud, RSS or iTunes and rate us lots of stars if you like it!


The Tyranny of Choice

Obsessed with this photo of our shelves.


The Tyranny of Choice

Obsessed with this photo of our shelves.

This Week at HWBC:

Today through April 30th celebrate National Poetry Month with 30% off all poetry, poet biographies, and prose written by poets!

Then stay tonight for Noteworthy: A Conversation with Women at the Forefront of the NYC Arts Programming Community, co-presented with GreenHouse and Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater. This panel moderated by the New York Post's Elisabeth Vincentelli features women programmers and artistic directors from Celebrate Brooklyn!, SummerStage, Japan Society, and Joe's Pub.

Tomorrow, Black Balloon Publishing’s Buzz Poole talks with celebrated Croatian novelist Robert Perisic about Perisic’s new book Our Man in Iraq.

Wednesday night come celebrate the launch of the spring 2013 issue of American Poet with readings from Sophie Cabot Black, Cynthia Cruz, and Rachel Eliza Griffiths.

Then on Thursday, a launch of a different kind, this time for comedian Ophira Eisenberg's new memoir Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to MonogamyWine and cheese will be served!

Finally on Saturday from 1-4, as National Poetry Month comes to a close, come to Song of Myself, a marathon reading of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” from the 1891 edition of Leaves of Grass.

Check out episode four of the podcast, which is all events from Downtown Literary Festival last weekend!

On April 14th, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe and McNally Jackson teamed up for the inaugural Downtown Literary Festival, highlighting the literature and culture of downtown Manhattan through events at both stores. The panel-free festival, organized by Housing Works’s Amanda Bullock and McNally Jackson’s Alice Whitman, was a great success, and Housing Works hosted a variety of events including a figurative tour of the literature of downtown New York City, a discussion with an owner and former owner of Russ & Daughters, a special edition of new literary series The Recital, a talk with veteran food truck vendors from across the city, a special presentation about the Depression-era guidebook series The American Guide, and a downtown edition presentation by lit and TV Tumblr Slaughterhouse 90210. Here we have collected a sample of some of the festival’s best moments.

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