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This week at the bookstore:

  • Our Summertime Crime Sale continues through the end of the day today, Monday. Save 30% off crime fiction, criminal DVDs, and more.
  • Tonight we are hosting a reading and panel discussion on inspiration and influence in poetry with three amazing poets, michaelrobbinspoet​, Matthew Rohrer, biancastone​, and moderator John Deming. Remember our amazing intern colindrohan, who Tumbled here? He organized this! Come out, support Colin, he is great and these are seriously some great poets.
  • Tomorrow we celebrate the penamerican PEN Awards longlist with readings from judges Kimiko Hahn, Rowan Ricardo Philips, and Fiona Maazel, plus free drinks and I heard there will be cake.
  • Wednesday we’re confronting the comments section at Say It to My Face, where some of the top media writers talk about some of the absolute worst things people have said about them online. It should be terrifying and hopefully cathartic. Hosted by Tyler Coates and joliekerr.
  • Thursday the moth-stories​ StorySLAM has tales on the theme “Breathless.” Always sells out, line up early!
  • Our popular Kurt Vonnegut Book Group will meet this Saturday to discuss The Sirens of Titan.
  • And finally, on Sunday our middle reader book group, Face to Face, will discuss Roald Dahl’s Danny, the Champion of the World.

This Week at HWBC:

On Wednesday night, we’re celebrating the fantastic slaughterhouse90210's fifth birthday party! Maris Kreizman, the genius behind the Tumblr, will be hosting the night of readings by Aryn Kyle, Ariel Schrag, and Adelle Waldman.

Thursday The Moth StorySLAM is back with Frauds. It always sells out. Come early. Wait in line. Maybe the weather will be nice. I don’t know. I’m not a weatherman.

Also This Thursday through Monday the 24th is SALESTICE! It turns out it’s the equinox and not the solstice but Salequinox doesn’t really sound cool, so we’re sticking with it. 30% off all wildlife/environment, gardening, science, spirituality, astrology, and New Age/Occult books.

This Week at HWBC:

Tonight we are throwing a party about a zine about soups called Stock Tips! Dave Bry, Ben Schwartz, Kevin Nguyen, and Jaime Green will be joining the zine’s creators Ami Greko and Rachel Fershleiser for soup-y storytelling. Bring your own stock recipe for the Stock Exchange. Get it? It’s funny. Come.

The Moth StorySLAM is back tomorrow with Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Get here early because it always sells out!

On Wednesday for Brain Awareness Week, we have Mind Reading, featuring Stefan Merrill Block, Meehan Crist, Timothy Donnelly, Leslie Jamison, Miles Klee, Elissa Schappell, and Lynn Schmeidler sharing writing about all sorts of brain-related things. 

Finally, on Thursday, everyone’s favorite Ask Roulette with WNYC’s Jody Avirgan. This time, Jody will be joined by Lizzie O’Leary, Matt Zoller Seitz, and Ashok Kondabolu aka Dapwell. It’s going to be crowded, so please be sure to get here early if you’d like a seat!

This week at HWBC:

All day TODAY everything in the store is 30% off! We’re open until 9PM so you’ve got plenty of time to make it in for some great stuff.

Tomorrow is Asymptote’s 3rd anniversary celebration. Eliot Weinberger (translator of Octavio Paz, Jorge Luis Borgers, and Bei Dao), Robyn Creswell (Poetry editor of The Paris Review), Idra Novey (translator of Clarice Lispector), Daniella Gitlin (translator of Rodolfo Walsh), and Jeffrey Yang (poet, editor, and translator of Liu Xiaobo) are coming together for a reading and panel discussion on translation to commemorate Asymptote's third anniversary!

On Wednesday, we’ll host a panel with Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) about how crowd-funding can contribute to social changes. Oliver Hurst-Hiller (DonorsChoose.org), Megan Kashner (Benevolent), Liezl Van Riper (Kiva), and Brandon Whitney (ioby) will be chatting with moderator Allison Fine of the Personal Democracy Forum at Tapping the Crowd to Solve Social Inequity: Crowd-Funding for Social Change.

Thursday night the store closes at 6PM because The Moth is back with StorySLAM: Boundaries. This event is $8 and always sells out, so be sure to arrive early!

Finally, Saturday at 11:30AM we’re hosting Then and Now: A History and Pop Culture Book Group - GULP. Host Brigid Harmon will be leading the group in discussing Mary Roach’s Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal. See for yourself why The Washington Post calls Roach “America’s funniest science writer” and make new friends in the process!

Also, if you’re a man looking for love this Valentine’s Day, we still have men’s tickets available for I Like Your Glasses: Literary Speed Dating with CoverSpy on 2/12. Tickets are $15 and available here.

Finally, on 2/13, we’re hosting Love Bites: A Valentine’s Dinner Celebrating Classic Literary Lovers! The Works’ executive chef Emily Casey will be prepping a four-course meal inspired entirely by couples from your favorite classics. The ticket price is $160 for two guests and can be purchased here!

It’s a busy week here at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe!

  • Our annual pre-Thanksgiving Cookbook Sale kicks off today; save 30% off already reduced prices on cookbooks, food writing, and more.
  • Tonight we host a very special How I Learned / Best in Show Blender featuring: Catie Lazarus, Katherine Lanpher, Tyler Coates, Cammi Climaco, Andy Christie, Aaron Wolfe, and hosts Blaise Allysen Kearsley and Brad Lawrence. Free, 7pm.
  • Tomorrow is Soccerpalooza with Jonathan Wilson, Rosie Schaap, and Peter Zihaly on “the beautiful game.” Free, 7pm.
  • Thursday night The Moth StorySLAM features stories on the theme “Sweat.” $8 cover, doors at 7pm.
  • And on Saturday our Then and Now: A History and Pop Culture Book Group will discuss Nothing Daunted at 11:30AM.

A very happy Monday to you all! We’ve got some smashing events for you all this week!

On Tuesday, we host the ever popular Moth StorySLAM. This week they’re getting their storytelling teeth stuck into the topic of ‘the office.’ $8 at the door, and be sure to come early, this event always sells out!

Wednesday will see us joined by the Minimalists, Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus, who’ll be in store to discuss their new book, Everything That Remains. Described as “like Henry David Thoreau, but with WiFi,” the Minimalists offer a fascinating look at a simpler way of life.

On Thursday, we’ve got the wonderful Ask Roulette. Strangers ask each other all kinds of questions live on stage and the result is far less creepy and far more hilarious than that description would imply! Guest appearances from Kurt Anderson, Negin Farsad, Kevin Allison and one-man house band, Eli Bolin.

Finally, on Sunday, Jessica Sticklor (author of the novel Betwixt and Between) will be teaching a Gotham Writer’s Workshop on fiction writing at 11am.

Another week, another lot of amazing events. That’s just how things go here at Housing Works.

On Monday, we’ll be hosting The Last Banquet; a lively celebration of food and literature. Novelist Jonathan Grimwood will be joined by Charlotte Druckman, Matt Grossand Gideon Lewis-Kraus. While our very own executive chef, Emily Casey will be preparing dishes inspired by The Last Banquet!

Wednesday night will feature I Like Your Glasses, our hotly anticipated Literary Speed Dating event. This event is sold out, but sign up to the wait list to keep abreast of future events and grab yourself a ticket if someone drops out.

On Thursday, the storytellers of The Moth StorySLAM will be waxing lyrical on the subject of ‘Home.’ 10 stories, 3 teams of judges, 1 winner. $8 at the door. This event always sells out. Limited seating; please arrive early.

Friday sees us celebrate the release of Jezebel.com’s first book, appropriately named The Book of Jezebel in The Age of Ladyblogs.The book’s co-author Kate Harding will be joined by Jessica Coen, Anna Holmes, Edith Zimmerman and others for a discussion that promises to take in everything from pop culture to politics to modern womanhood.

And on Saturday, we’ll be hosting Then and Now, a book club reveling in history and pop culture. This week’s book is Sam Kean’s delightfully titled,The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements. 

Hello there, one and all. Here are the happenings taking place within the cosy confines of the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe this week.

On Tuesday, we will feature Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s 'The Greatest 3-Minute Food Service Stories Ever.' Host Jason Diamond will grill survivors of the food industry, coaxing hilarious stories from the likes of Daniel Ralston and Judy Berman.

Wednesday will see author Helen Fielding discuss 'Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy' with Vogue editor Valerie Steiker. This event is ticketed, but because we think you’re all really swell people, we’re offering you a discount with the code ‘HWBC.’

On Thursday, the ever popular Moth StorySLAM will return to the store with participants getting their teeth stuck into enthusiasm. This event always sells out! Please arrive early if you want to get seats ($8 at the door).

And of course, this week is our Rocktober Sale! 30% off all LPs, CDs and music books/DVDs!

On the not so distant horizon, we’ll be hosting Literary Speed Dating on Oct 23rd. Women’s tickets are sold out, but guys, this is a chance to find that special someone who trusts you with her library card. Use the code ‘Gatsby’ for a discount!

This week at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

  • We’re closed ALL DAY today (Monday) for a film shoot. Thank you for understanding our fund-raising efforts!
  • Wednesday we welcome back one of my favorite regular events, Ask Roulette, with special guests: Heidi Moore of The Guardian (@moorehn), Jezebels’s Erin Ryan (@morninggloria), Paul Lukas host of “Show and Tell” and proprietor of Uni Watch, and guest house band Joel Esher (filling in for Eli Bolin)
  • And Thursday, The Moth StorySLAM will be spinning yarns about “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.” This event ALWAYS sells out; line up early for 7pm doors, $8 cover.
  • Friday we close at 5pm for a private event. Thank you for understanding our fund-raising efforts!
  • Sunday at 11AM the Gotham Writer’s Workshop will host a free dialogue writing class with Pete Jensen.

Escape the heat wave while enjoying a cold one in our glorious air-conditioning at this week’s events:

  • Today kicks off the Summer Fiction Sale! All things not true, totally made up, definitely not semi-autobiographical no sir, lies lies lies on sale, including children’s, YA, comics books, and regular ole’ fiction books. Thirty percent off our already discounted prices, all for charity, you can do no wrong, come buy all the books.
  • Tomorrow we welcome Emily Gould, Sadie Stein, and Lukas Volger for a discussion on Laurie Colwin and Home Cooking in 2013. If you eat food (do you?) you won’t want to miss this. We are making gingerbread for it!
  • Wednesday, Ask Roulette is back inviting you to ask a stranger a question! Totally not creepy, swear. With special guests Jamie Shupak, Mike Doughty, Jess Dweck, and as always house band Eli Bolin.
  • And Thursday The Moth StorySLAM will explore the theme Wanderlust. Line up early for 7pm doors.
  • Happy Day Happy Hour will end a little early on Friday; we close at 6pm for a private event, but you can enjoy cheap booze and board games from 10am to 6pm.
  • And on Sunday Gotham Writers’ Workshop offers a free article writing workshop at 11am in our cafe area.

BRB, gonna stick my head in the freezer.

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