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"“I have to use up all three options?” Frank asked, after attempting to fuck all three choices on his first try. Klausner—her red bob sleek, her black dress low-cut—gave Frank a crash course in two of her specialties: Fuck/Marry/Kill protocol and young adult novels. Claudia Kishi of The Babysitters Club, she explained, was “quirky”; Jessica Wakefield, of Sweet Valley High, “alpha”; Margaret, of Are You There God?, “normal.” Under Klausner’s guidance, Frank wisely chose to kill Claudia, marry Jessica, and fuck Margaret."

'Mrs. Shandy': The life and opinions of Julie Klausner, comedian | Capital New York

Molly Fischer, Julie Klausner, and The Baffler all nailed it.

This week at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe! Enjoy a full slate of events before we take a break for the holiday party season; but don’t worry, the whole store is 10% off the entire month of December, and What the Dickens? A Christmas Carol reading is back and better than ever. All events are free and begin at 7pm unless otherwise specified.

  • Tonight, we welcome The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus, who will tell us how to shun our possessions and live a better life. Sounds pretty good post–Black Friday, eh?
  • Tomorrow we’re welcoming back The Baffler for "Ayn Rand: The Game Show" with Thomas Frank and Julie Klausner.
  • Wednesday we’re super excited to be hosting the Bushwick Book Club as they celebrate Mark Twain in song. Guaranteed good times.
  • And Thursday we host a discussion of Canada’s Polaris Prize with founder Steve Jordan and journalists Alan Light and Maura Johnston.
  • We close at 6PM Friday, then this weekend is the Monthly Sale: 30% off storewide. We love you too.

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